Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fight The Power

Yes, Comrades

So after...nearly a year, the blog's back up. In that time I've lost an entire follower. Oh well, she wore tuxedoes and thought killing all non-whites so we can't be racist made her non-racist. Hardly Paul McCartney leaving The Beatles, now is it?

Yes. I haven't wrote on this for a year, so it'll take a while for me to hit me 'stride', if that's what you'd call the utter drivel you can rot your mind with below. Patience is a virtue, said some wise fella with a beard and too much free time. Probably took one of those philosophy classes at uni, sat on a rock looking thoughtful for a year and got a degree. Arse.

Anyway, if you're new to this, this blog uses a certain reggae lexicon. I use no real names mainly for protection (except in Don Bongo's case, that name's just plain funny) so get used to the reggae aliases (e.g. I'm Sergeant Dread, because that's what the reggae name generator said I should be and I shouted 'Shut up and take my money!' at the computer screen when I got that one).

If you're not new, I'm tweaking the format of the blog ever so slightly. Each one will be bookended with lyrics from the song that titles the entry, and a link to the song. Fucking listen to it! Each song is relevant to the entry in some very clever and convoluted way, so listening to the song is almost compulsory. For example, this entry is called Fight The Power, because that's what I'm doing by reviving the blog, fighting the power!

Oh, I swear a lot too, just my style. I should probably be more imaginative, more inventive with my language, but fuck it.

Feel free to leave a comment and it will be swiftly ignored. I'm joking, if you'd like to comment telling me what a horrible person I am (as you surely will as the trip goes on), feel free!

Hope you enjoy my little American tale!

"Let's get this party started right!"

>>>Song<<<   Click here from now on!!!

In a bit.


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