Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Powder Blue


Yes, Comrades

Y'know what? In all me days here, I haven't touched a drink, not a drop. This gives me a whole new argument for home time. "I'm not a wino, it's the fooking country is what it is"

We made straight for this Chandler Mall fella. Wandered around Barnes & Noble - they have a whole section dedicated to 'Teen Paranormal Romance'. You not do I shit. Unbelievable. We wandered the mall and after a quick financial review ("Aye I'm loaded"), I got Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. It's full of sentences like "O me, Agnello, how thou changest!" sounds like a middle age romcom plot twist, dunnit? Always liked that stuff nonetheless.

Next was the other Zias. Cripes on a trike, it was bigger than Oliver Reed's bar tab. They didn't have exactly what I wanted, so they were deemed useless and we headed to Harkins Theatre to see Iron Man 3. Say what you will, as did I, it was great. He didn't get pissed once in the whole film and it played like a comedy as much as an action. Why I'm not in the reviewing business officially is a mystery to anyone. I saw the first one in a definitely legal way, but not the second, and still had fun. Off you trot!

Wendy's do square burgers so customers can see the meat protruding from the bun and know it's there. America, ladies and gentlemen. Their food is decidedly average - it looks great, but the taste is meh. Again, reviewing extraordinaire. But it's been tried, that's the point. Oh, I got batteries at B & N too, in case you were wondering. We also wandered the mall Harkins was in after the film. It was like (oh God I'm talking like them now) a mile's walk, man. And bro, they all like, "It's a tiny mall, dude!" man. I liked it.

We also visited pet stores at both malls that let you play with and cry over the puppies. Was going to get Don Bongo a present, but a Boston Terrier puppy is quite a thing to spring after a bring from America...ting.

We ended the evening in our usual way, after Zias, who had actually started stocking Tales From The Crypt Season 1 in between my two visits. Weird. I got it. That was what I was after the first time, see? Anyway, some time in Motel 6, and I kiss the world goodbye.

"We'll never get so close as when the sunward flight begins"

In a bit.

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  1. BRING US A FUCKING PUPPY!!!!!! BRING US A FUUUUCKIIIIING PUUUUUPYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Oh and let me borrow your book when you're home. :)
    Glad you're having a super awesome fun time matey.