Monday, 26 March 2012


"It should be renamed something like...Street"

Yes, Comrades

A lot of work is to be done, so shall we get on with this? Here is the first entry from the second day of mine and Bongo's trip to London

Wednesday 21st March #1

You currently find me on the 15:30 Virgin Train back to Shighty. Woke at half ten, gathered ourselves and our possessions, checked out for eleven and headed to the underground. Made way to Leicester Square and navigated a series of roadworks to finally find McDonald's. Who'd have thought that could be so hard? Like Pulp Fiction says, it's the little differences - the meat in that particular Big M was very meaty/juicy. "Your new Leicester Square is opening April 2012!" Bloody Hell. A famous place I can't see, the nerve. Before we got to our destination, we stopped in to an HMV. Not just any HMV - this was crazy size. They had absolutely everything, except what I was after: a certain French film known only as 'Irreversible'. "Can I borrow a fag please bruv?" "Ok, but I want it back. And he's Bruv, not me" We found Carnaby Street. It should be renamed something like...Street. It really is just a street like any other. Mocking Americans.

In a bit.


The following is an excerpt from my Australia Journal 2008-09. Please be aware: I too wish I could go back in time and give me a piece of myself

Saturday 20th December 2008

Went shopping daft. Stocked up on Weller, Who and Style Council. Some Jack Dee fitted in nicely too. Mark forced a four-level burger down my throat, and though I came out trumps I was cream crackered after it. The family here worry too much about me and my wee issues. Anyway, after a raping at Mario bloody Kart, I sent big cuz to town and back via Brawl and Guitar Hero. I suppose it's taking time before we all go daft. Spent an hour looking at sea, sand, and morton baye bugs. Delectable. Wild Wood Deluxe I do not get til the big 25th, but Catch Flame is a stunner of a live album.
"If the crowd ain't there to see it, it's just another memory"

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