Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kling I Klang

"We fell into our own category: backroom swingers"

Yes, Comrades

Simon Fowler's new album Merrymouth arrived so I'll give me two pence on that box of frogs once this London caper's all done. Oh, congratulations to Mr Paul Weller for making #1 with Sonik Kicks. Here's the third entry.

Tuesday 20th March #3

Weller gigs attract a very particular audience: burly old gents; Weller clones; not-so-nice smelling old girls and stoned hippie chic(s). We fell into our own category: backroom swingers. As promised, Sonik Kicks was played in its entirety. The cunt didn't go back beyond 2008 often: Foot Of The Mountain; From The Floorboards Up; Stanley Road and Whirlpool's End was all we got in that respect. We got a one song encore of Eton Rifles. Seriously, what the fuck? That was it?
I need to watch Rock Profile. No, but apart from being shelved at the back due to the aforementioned gorilla-like gentlemen, the setlist was very, very poor. Got a T shirt to prove to the future Dread Juniors and the dear Bunny Dread that I was in fact there. The DVD may paint the gig in a more appeasing colour, but yours truly finds himself at a loss...I've had better gigs, Paul.

In a bit.


The following is an excerpt from my Australia Journal 2008-09. Disclaimer: If this causes you to want to punch a cunt, I'm not liable for nothin'

Friday 19th December 2008

I'm due to drop from shops. It's pure poo. Got the old yin Flight Sim X, Sandra fudge n coffee, also upgraded Mark's gift to Rock Band. Didn't swim today, sunburn too bad. McDonald's do double 1/4 pounders over here, Brits are really at a few losses, which could very well include me soon. Dad's still acting as my voluntarily [sic] agent, quite unnecessary, no? Got yoghurt put on my burns against my will hours ago n now I smell like a baby's inner stomach. Cheers Daddio. Think for Christmas I'm getting gear for the band(s) can't whinge there. Plenty of songs being written. Possible gig soon.
"Have you made up my mind for me?"

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