Thursday, 22 March 2012


"Room 101. One double bed. No, no, no. Receptionist!"

Yes, Comrades

This is the second entry from my London journal. Covers everything up to the gig.

Tuesday 20th March #2

Campden Lock Hotel. Room 101. One double bed. No, no, no. Receptionist!
Campden Lock Hotel. Room 302. Two single beds. Much better.
That Underground is a bastard. I've never seen such a complex system. Circles! That's what London needs more of. Circles. Got that Wellies song by Billy Connolly on, what a treat when so far from home. Spoke too soon, a choir just came on. Funny how you miss the Dear Green Shithole - must be the way of the Scot. The actual tube train is Have you seen that film Creep? With the English girl smoking Mayfair? Bless her. Well, that's pretty much exactly what it's like. Fair play, directors of Creep. Wall-mounted TV, scraped walls, cigarette-burned windowsill and sticking the end of the toilet paper inside the roll for that extra touch of sophistication - that's our hotel room. In about three and a half hours, we'll be face to face with...him.

In a bit.


The following is an excerpt from my Australia Journal 2008-09. DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! What you're about to read contains an all time low for its writer

Thursday 18th December 2008

B-side to Beat Surrender (Shopping). Got Freddy the Twilight book and Mark a box of jelly beans. $30 though. Later on once I realised I am sunburnt (and in fact am not contracting skin cancer) we had a nigh-on pissup. Ahoy Tanqueray and out-of-date tonic, yo ho ho and a bottle of 4X beer. I'm officially on Myspace now, God bless. Plenty of people STILL using me as the agony aunt, even with so many hours between us. Turns out its not park time yet, and with a week til Christmas I don't mind. Not homesick yet.
"I'm not out to rinse ya, you know I'm not that kind"

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