Monday, 23 December 2013

Ça Plane Pour Moi


Yes, Comrades

First, an epilogue from the night before. Raoul posted a picture of Adriana passed out on the kitchen floor later that night; Irie Nancy and Mama Sheba had a miserable next day at work; Tree lost her phone then got it back after the finder of said phone gave up on cracking it; the Four Little Mexicans did their thing; White Guy stayed white and I slept in a bit.

Good, we're caught up. Was quite an uneventful day, really. After sitting about until 5, we remembered we had to pick Nancy up from work. There was serious fucking shit going down on my 3DS so everyone had to wait until that was resolved before we went to Arizona Mills to get X his Xmas shoes. The shop had some snazzy shoes, I must admit. I must remember to look into Creative Recreation shoes because they are good. That was alright, maybe now they'll send me some free stuff.

First Maccy Dees since I got here. I was promised an Xbox One sticker thing that I could've won an Xbox One with and I'm going to get my Xbox One sticker thing! Maybe. Someday. We drove away and I said "Christmas is cancelled".

Back to our usual hangout. I've a job trying to stretch this out, I must say. We met Sheba's friend, in inverted commas. Apparently he talks a lot but he seemed fine by me. We took our usual trip into the esoteric and to a dealer, and I'm sorry but that's about it. At home we got to see the first half or so of Crazy Eights. It's independent, by the way. I'm not one of those indie shitheads who will say because it's independent it's good, but it has that weasel-faced fucker you'd just love to belt from Red Dragon and yeah, it's alright so far. Hasta luego.

"J'ai du dormir dans la goutière, ou j'ai eu un flash en quatre couleurs"

In a bit.

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