Friday, 20 December 2013

Where I Find My Heaven


Yes, Comrades

Like a rock, thanks for asking. I got up before 6pm too which was just miraculous. So, my room. We're talking a double bed, a closet for me to hide in, drawers, a mirror, more drawers, Christmas mats, plugs...On a serious note, I'm one fucking lucky fucker. At that moment, the one where I left my bedroom smelling like Elton John's handkerchief cause I hadn't time to shower, we were off in Mrs Nancy's car to a destination you get no points for guessing.

Like a little lost lamb, I was dropped off at Mama Shebaaah's (get it cause lamb?). One by one, her family came through the door and I was reintroduced to them all over again. Tree's welcome was the funniest, because I knew what I'd wrote about her in the last entries, she knew, so what was said was "Hi" but I bet what she was thinking was "I heard what you said, bum burglar". Like she said, "Oh well!"

Wildcats had just started, so that's what I watched. God, if a rather unfortunate martian crash lands on Earth and asks "Ulla! What was ze 80s?" show it that movie. I liked it though. Next up was 42, a film about American footballers, namely the black ones. I wonder if in America people really do say "You wanted to see me, sir?" and 'sir' launches into some life-altering speech. Seems to happen in all these movies.

Next up was The Jeffersons. I wish I was part of a black American family in the 70s, looks a right giggle. After Prancer, which wasn't anything short of depressing, we went into Sheba's room to learn how bread is made, thanks to the Discovery Channel. So if you want to know how many baguettes the Polish produce in a week, I'm your man. An extended argument about sponges and loofahs sent us to Walmart on a sponge hunt and to be honest, that was it. I'm wrapping up because I ate too much today and must sleep.

"The blood flows through my heart and leaves like sand as I shave"

In a bit.

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