Saturday, 21 December 2013

Phoner To Arizona


Yes, Comrades

Following my complete bodily shutdown, I was up relatively early. We had the gaff all to ourselves, an opportunity we chose to invest in listening to Zappa, ZZ Top et al on the Classic Rock channel whilst I did the whole collecting badges and catchin' em all thing. Around one, we made haste to Sheba's, then to their work to pick up their pay.

Someone told me once to use the opening "Further to this" as it makes you sound smart. So, further to this, we stopped at the bank then off to Walmart for Christmas shopping. That's my favourite thing of all to do, by the way. I especially like it when you're bursting for a piss and the restroom's closed, for the whole time. Brilliant. All this while people who don't realise you're not at home keep trying to ring you, the knobheads. But when you leave with Cheetos, Sweetarts and grape juice, the piss stains pay for themselves. I'm joking.

Arizona Mills was next. We got separated at the Disney shop (don't ask) but eventually all got out in Dropping the shopping at the respective houses (God I feel so intelligent with those words), we had a nice fried chicken dinner at home. This included my fantastic comedy characters, which consisted mainly of third rate Walking Dead impressions. What a storm they went down.

Moving from that blatant lie to Zias, not for me this time. But I did get that White Album jigsaw for a present and Irie got Super Troopers and Crazy Eights. This Horrorfest thing, it's horrifying (pun intended) that I hadn't heard of it before. Will be checking that shit out. We tried to watch Crazy Eights later but once again I'd been slain by the Camberwell carrot, methinks.

There was a party planned but in a strategic play which will become clear later (it won't) we decided not to go. Instead, the lot of us smoked ourselves silly. I knew I was done when we left to get wraps - I waited in the car and Duran Duran's New Moon On Monday came on and I was sort of fine with that. I said "Aw that's it, no more". About an hour later we were home and come eleven, I admitted defeat.

In a bit.

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