Saturday, 21 December 2013

Rhythm Of The Rain


Yes, Comrades

I rolled out of bed, rolled along the floor, out of my bedroom and onto the kitchen stool to eat a nice sausagey burrito. Following my further stuffing, I rolled into the shower, flopped and splashed around a bit then collapsed into the car, after more rolling. We were on our way to Ralph's house.

Ralph had turned 70 the day before and I swear to God if you'd told me I was going to meet Marlon Brando 70s era, I'd have believed you at this point. I really had to resist the urge to kiss his hand and offer him a favour involving the finest naughty salts from Peru. We left with an offer we couldn't refuse to Sheba's house. They smoked, I didn't, things were said, furniture was thrown, the fruit basket was tampered with...

Mystery Castle. A big homemade castle with dragons, knights, puppets, lots of pictures of cats, a rock shaped like a lion's head and other such oddities. The only real mystery is why it was built in the first place and why there weren't four teenagers and a Great Dane asking me where I got my counterfeit $20 bills. Actually, there may have been a sign saying "No mystery-investigating teenagers", I'm not sure.

Next was Zias, again. Poor Irie Nancy, she can't escape the place. She got Street Kings and Kick-Ass, I got a boxset with a guy that says "What?", plays with his tie and chortles a lot for the Nancy family, and Reflektor for myself. I've heard the first disc, it's a grower I think.

A quick stop home followed by a visit to Sheba's. I had a libation this time and we went to Tree's cousin's to top up. That stuff was an absolute sucker punch, I stood no chance against this mammoth ganja. With a banana milkshake in the fridge calling my name, we went home. I tried, I really tried, but at 11pm we gave up on The Hobbit and that was it, game over. We saw rain for my first time too. Different kind of rain from what I'm used to, was like a dribbling shower, the drops bounce off you. We'd kill for that kind of rain!

"Pitter patter, pitter patter"

In a bit.

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