Sunday, 23 June 2013

Broken Stones


Yes, Comrades

Aw, that rise was painful. Half six, honestly. We got ourselves loaded back into the car and before any of us knew it, we were all unconscious. I was first up at around 9, I wrote in this bleedin' thing and soon the others were up too.

I bought a scorpion lollipop at Arizona Mills. Would've taken me a minute to look back and see if I'd mentioned it, couldn't be bothered. Anyway, I ate it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd eat scorpion again. It was crunchy and even creamy, the lolly itself was worse - no flavour, just pure sugar.

We had a bite (literally, in my case) at Jack In The Box, next thing we knew, we were back in Phoenix. We didn't see that amazing shop on the way back that sold Mexican trains and backgammon (seriously, their sign said that) sadly, but the journey was just as enjoyable.

Some time at Nancy's recuperating and eating snot flavoured jelly beans - bloody Beanboozled - and we dropped Nico off after me trying hookah for the first time at Mama Sheba's. I had gave in by now, but it didn't matter - neither Zias, FYE or Fry's Electronics had my Really Fucking Souped Up version of Dawn Of The Dead. I got something else, but still, they had it before! The fuck?

We ate our OK's at Sheba's, which was lovely, I met Miranda, then we blitzed up again, maybe for the last time, we'll see. A nice drive downtown and we went home to watch Beyond Scared Straight, finish week-old Malibu and have an early night.

Just tying up loose ends here. I have missed a shitload of details throughout this journal which likely deserve preservation. I fell in love with Paranoid Android whilst here, I will be looking more into the works of The Gin Blossoms, Clara Rockmore, Giorgio Moroder and many other things identified at the museum. Random Access Memories, that one song in particular, has soundtracked this entire trip - the song Touch is my favourite, it soundtracked one special hour in Las Vegas that brought tears of both sorrow and elation. Not from me I hasten to add, but that's irrelevant. The billboard had a computer crash on the drive home this day, but I was too slow to snap it. I haven't met one person here I've disliked and I'm certainly coming back. "If love is the answer, you're home"

"So lost and alone, trying to get home"

In a bit.

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