Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Don't Need No Doctor


Yes, Comrades

Another late(r) rise with aqua ears. Shit's pissin' me off. First on the agenda is to buy a fan (I pay all of mine too, har har har) from Walmart. Got some decongestants too by pharmaceutical advice which so far have done sod all.

Figured now was a good time to get a present or two. We found a smoke shop that sold it all: Highland whiskey tobacco, rainbow cigarettes, Cohibas, you name it. After our transaction, the guy shook my hand and invited me to smoke in his shop, sat in a leather chair, feeling like royalty.

My balance was really shaken now. I did have a very small worry, but that's no use to anyone. When I'd readjusted to my Beethoven body, we hit the arcade. Nancy was screaming like no one's business at virtual spiders, while some child prodigy is winning Penguin from Batman toys out the crane machine like it's fucking going out of fashion. Even after finding a pile of tickets that gave us a total nearing 300, we still barely even had enough for a bloody bottle opener!

We saw a ferret being manhandled and bought some more gifts. I walked bang into a practical joke that no one nudged me towards or anything and had a near heart attack, giving them the second best reaction they'd seen. Had the first guy died or what? A weapon store held a lot of goodies, which also showed me I'm not quite as nerdy as I had thought - very little about owning a Halo energy sword replica appeals to me. Still, the gear there was very cool.

Bananas and Rockstars was the order of the day, so we went to Safeway (I'm pretty certain it was the same type we used to have). Then McDonalds, then I drove again to the community college, then we went to a park and sat for a while. Arizona's a real beaute at sundown. Now, home time.

Drinking more Bud Lites, watching Men In Black 3, my ears began giving me the kind of pain I didn't know could exist. I'd rate it a "Holy mother of God, what the fuck was that?!" on the Fuckinstein meter, it's a German device (reference). I decided going to the ER was a bit extreme, so we just watched the last bits of 24 Hour Party People, got jacked up on painkillers and hit the hay.

"I don't need no aspirins, I don't need no lotion, I say, I don't need no vitamin pills"

In a bit.

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