Friday, 21 June 2013

Don't Fight It, Feel It


Yes, Comrades

Early rise on a Sunday. Like sober bitches, ain't nobody got time for that. But it was Father's Day, and that calls for some sort of celebration. Myself and the ladies headed to the other side of town to pick up Auntie Fran. Despite a fair amount of bad luck, she still had it in her to crack joke after joke. Good going, missus. With our paper ties on, strawberry cupcakes in tow, we arrived at the rehab centre.

Think hospital environments smelling like piss is an international institution. It's also mandatory for all parties to sit around for a good while with nothing at all to say. The four of us huddled around Tata (Desi) Nancy as he continually jumped from English to Spanish and back again. I was sure he called Irie the La Chupacabra at one point. Turns out he actually called her a cockroach. Oh, my mistake.

We're home again, showering, just generally chilling. I'm noticing the lingo rubbing off on me like that - I said "my bad" without realising it the night before, God help us all. Anyway, the father of the house opened his presents and seemed very pleased. We picked up dinner for them, then went to revisit Arizona Mills.

The gift shop girl remembered me from the rattlesnake eggs prank (second best reaction) but she wasn't much use in helping me find things with the Phoenix logo. Fuck you people and your oddly specific requests! We got the remainder of the presents. Next stop, In N Out.

They make damn good burgers. You can even watch the potatoes make their metamorphoses into fries. Don't sound like much, but it's a nice touch. We got off the floor, walked out the door and left the store. When you go to Walmart, be smart, don't put a Hurts album in your shopping cart. Apologies, I seem to have broken into black person poetry.

As I said to Nancy herself, so many entries seem to end with 'popped into Sheba's then went home' but that's what we did. I could genuinely listen to Debbie talk all day, she absolutely cripples me with laughter, even when sober. It's the way she's rarely meaning to be funny, just...talking. But my God, hilarious. We watched The Uninvited, and anyone who knows me can imagine how that made me feel. Then, home. We hung with Nico, watched Columbiana, packed our stuff, then slept. On, California.

Possibly completely unrelated, I can't remember

 "Gonna live the life I love, I'm gonna love the life I live"


In a bit.

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  1. OH MY GOD IN N OUT BURGER YOU ABSOLUTE CUNT BITCH! I am so jealous I can't even breathe it's been ten years since I had their godly food, oh my god! All you're going to get off of me tomorrow is sheer jealousy. You wank. :)