Friday, 21 June 2013

Castles Made Of Sand


Yes, Comrades

After my dream wherein my father was chasing me with a wet cucumber (not sure what that means), we were loaded into the rented people carrier. Cool car - automatic doors, back cam, individual air vents to mess with. We fell asleep instantly, for a measly two hours. Quick stop at Burger King, then we're back on the road.

I think the feature we passed that was most noticeable was a giant wind farm which looked like something from Metropolis, proper freaky. The journey itself was very enjoyable for the sights, for which reason it was over in no time.

We arrived at the Ramada Inn, California. Two spacious rooms back to back with a little pool out front. Back in the tank, straight to Newport Beach. Into the shorts. The sand didn't singe our feet this time, the sea was freezing at first and the waves were for those playing with the big boys. The others were happy to lay in the sun, but I was straight in 'avin it. The current was bloody strong, so often I proper struggled to get back to shore. The waves absolutely towered over everyone else too, when they struck you, your entire body was completely disabled for a few seconds.

Forgot to mention: on the way, I met my old nemesis once again...Riverside. The sights looked vaguely familiar, but no real vitriol was stirred up. We even passed the same Motel 6.

Nico lost his phone. I was split here - phones do no one any real good, but the phone was expensive and he's a decent bloke. In the end I would up helping to look for it, but it had been turned off. Even Californians can be right bastards. Oh wait, we all knew that.

For tea, we ate at Carrow's. I'm not going to lie, my corned beef hash was the bollocks. Those three got Mile High sandwiches, so I felt left out but mine was better so screw them anyway. We enjoyed and upon exit we were treated to a fireworks display nearby. Note to self: Mr Nancy is a lot like Denzel Washington.

Quick stop at a liquor store for Malibu and Black And Milds. In the room, we began our toast and plugged into our respective electronic devices (I stole Irie Nancy's Kindle Fire). The buzz began, but we settled for an early night.

"Many moons passed and more the dream grew strong" 

In a bit.

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  1. A stab at how your dream came to be: Father's Day was the day before and you somehow sensed you'd encounter the birthplace of the Red Cucumber once more?

    Either that or you knew you were back home soon and you'd paid the full price for the cucumber in the dream?