Sunday, 16 June 2013

Song For Alice


Yes, Comrades

Maybe it's the heat, but I keep sleeping harder than Iain Duncan Smith when he's talking to disadvantaged people. Biting political satire. Anyway, it was a slow after- er, morning, and Mr Nancy said "You know what? You've inspired me to take my first whole week off since 1982" Not bad, eh? I also had a pair of shoes bought for me for the penultimate stretch of my little journey. You'll get it in a bit.

We left without the shoes, which felt slightly too big, went back for them, then headed to the Starbucks on Thunderbird to meet the one known only as Alice. There are many jokes I could make here, but no amount of Mad Hatter or Paul W.S. Anderson references would make my quip original. The lady herself was very charming and intelligent, made for very nice company, hiding in the corner of the patio so we could smoke under the misters. An hour passed and we went our separate ways.

My travelling companion can apparently get antsy without a smoke, so we popped into Sheba's to dope her up. Following this, we went to Phoenix Premium Outlets to swap the shoes. We tried to cut through the casino and following some bullshit, we found Saucony. Even half a shoe size smaller was too small, so after that embarrassing admission, we left with the same shoes we arrived with.

Then to Zias for (maybe, possibly, doubt it) the last time. No aspiring poets this time, but me DVD was now there. If someone could explain to me how they do that, I'd be very grateful. Bought a bunch of gifts and made for the nearest gas station. It'd be tedious for me to write out our shopping list I'm pretty sure.

Really, that was it for the day. We went a short drive then home to eat Klondike, Hershey and Chester the cheetah. Nah, I got nothin'. Onwards!

In a bit.

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