Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shiny Happy People


Yes, Comrades

7:30 rises should be made illegal. Til then, that's what happened as we prepped for our return to Camp Verde. When we got there, I decided that based on my little Vegas win and the fact that this would likely be my last chance to burn my money away totally guilt free to raise the stakes. I did alright, but nothing to write home about. Our little Ms Chow was there again, at the virtual blackjack table, again, this time for at least two hours.

On with the bowling gutties. You fuckers think you know where this is going. Well, you don't, I actually did alright. You could bowl all day for eight bucks, which is just proper mental. We played three very enjoyable games and headed to the buffet. Loved it once again.

We still had some time to kill, so I killed some more capital on Vampire's Embrace. Wouldn't you know it - jackpot. Well, not quite, but a form of it. Well chuffed. I lost more than I won this time around to be honest. The entirety of the bus ride home was spent trying like a man possessed to beat Nancy's high score on Hidden Egg Hunt. I finally succeeded, barely. "I may be petty, but I'm also a winner"

Mrs Nancy took us to El Nuevo Taquito - when a woman asks you if you'd like a cow cheek taco, how does one say no? After some dilly dallying at home - making the good lady fall in love with Crooked Rot - we made haste to Sheba's. We smoked faster than I dare admit, got some beers and headed to Westwind Drive-In on Glendale.

The amount of smiling faces in this place was crazy, I've seen very few frowning Yanks since I've been here now that I think about it. Between The Purge and The Hangover 3, we went for the comedy option. The drive-in was so, so, so much better than the regular cinema, and I say that with no degree of ignorant nostalgia. You can drink, smoke, enjoy the cool night air (while still sweating). As for the movie itself, don't bother. Mr Chow and Alan are the only reasons to watch it. It was enjoyable on the Bud Lites but it didn't half leave a bitter taste in me mouth. After this, we went back home again and just got merry. Well, I did. That sonofabitch ear was at it again though. Think the one-man pissup lasted til around 2am.

 "Put it in your heart where tomorrow shines"

In a bit.

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