Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Little Talks


Yes, Comrades

"Are you ready?" "Yep, let's go to Greyhound"
"Is that girl stoned or something? I hope she's not the one selling us our tickets. Does she know what day it is? See that? She just told the woman to go in the wrong door, then pointed after her and decided that was enough effort" "That'll be $25 please"

"This hotel, $86 for Sunday night. When I click this, there's no turning back" "Ok"

"Any malls we've missed?" "Scottsdale Fashion Square. I don't normally go, it's not a place I feel I belong." "Then let's go"
"It is a nice jacket after all, haven't properly treated myself yet"
"Nah, I don't belong in here either"

"This is one beautiful park. Ain't never seen me a goose before. Glad I'm wearing this shirt, can prove I wore it once now. My conscience is clear"

"Church's - I agree, much better than KFC. Leaning more towards salty than spicy, that rubs me up the right way"

"Here, try this man. It's just a little cap. You might start seeing shit, but you'll just have a good time, man. You might feel nothing at all" "You liar"
"That net thing is like a big jellyfish. Aw, it's cool. Oh! This song got me hyped for coming here! Get Lucky! Good, innit?" "Yeah, it's chill" "Daft Punk came to save the world, man!" "They did?" "Huh? Oh, I love this song too - Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks! This was playing when we played crazy golf, but you couldn't hear it" "Oh yeah, it was?" "Huh?"

"I think I'm packed. I'll see you at half nine. Goodnight" "Goodnight"
"Everything that's happening, it's happening for me. That bassline was put in, just for me. Is this Heaven? Best eat Applejack the bear, all of him"
"Why won't you stay down? All I want is to take a bath. Please, stay down! For fuck's sake, man. I just want to take a bath!"
"I should shoot a video"

"Don't listen to a word I say. The screams all sound the same"

In a bit.

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