Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stay Young


Yes, Comrades

Ok, straight to the point: we parked at 'T as in E.T.' parking at Universal Studios. The walk through the plaza gave us a giant Popcornopolis, a huge neon guitar by Hard Rock, shrimp taters, shrimp stew, shrimp sandwich...

We saw that famous globe thing then walked the red carpet into the park. Straight away we met Beetlejuice, The Mummy, Frankenstein and Scooby Doo. That would be my one tiny disappointment: no my beloved Creature From The Black Lagoon. I got over that quickly though, no skin off my tit.

Our first stop as at Krustyland, where the motion simulator pretty wack. Then to Doc Brown's Best Chicken Of All Time. I have to say, it was pretty bitching. We then walked the House of Horrors, which I admit got me best when a regular worker walked past.

Oh! I totally skipped the Studio Tour! We got priority boarding for filling out a survey. We went through a 360 3D King Kong thing, a flood thing, a Mummy thing, a Psycho thing and lots of other things. Neither photos nor my journal can do it justice, it was great.

We went to the rides next, starting with Jurassic Park. It had stegosauruses so I was made up. Got a thrill out that. Then we exploited the single rider trick and got onto Transformers. Again, top drawer. Megatron and I sized each other up (seriously) then we did The Mummy. Proper freaky, proper fun. One more pop on Jurassic Park, I got to snap the stegos this time, braw.

Mama Sheba had a dance with the street sweeping boogie meisters, then we revisited the House of Horrors. Less performers this time, but these rascals in front were dilly-dallying all over the joint, so I gathered me breath and unleashed my biggest scream to date (but who's keeping score? I am) Their reaction was possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. Poor girls.

On the way back, we continued playing twenty bleeding questions, stopped at Wienerschnitzl, got pastrami dogs to go, ate them in the room, finished our poof juice, I taught them Consequences (thank you Don and Bunny Bongo) and just had a good old time.

"Come what may, we're unstoppable"

In a bit.

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