Friday, 17 January 2014



Yes, Comrades

Just got to elaborate on two little things. First, my standards, they've dropped to low Hell, if that's a thing. These are songs I have learned to tolerate due to the lack of better choice: Avicii - Wake Me Up; Dash Berlin - The Night Time; Capital Cities - Safe And Sound; Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky and worst of all, MGMT - Electric Feel. Send supplies.

Today was a gift shopping day. I'd seen X earlier and had been presented with an early present of a very nifty jacket which is as good as bulletproof. Anyway, we started our little voyage at Arizona Mills mall. After swiftly evading some pesky bleeding hearts, we got a case of cinnamon gum at Sweets From Heaven, served by a fellow who was very much a double-barreled arse bandit, stood like a teapot. This is my second elaboration: at Tree's for New Year, two gay guys were there. This is serious, by the way. Anyway, I got along with them as I would anyone else, but people kept apologising to me for them. For what, you ask. Exactly. For them being gay, apparently. I don't know what the situation is with homophobia here, but I do know it's still very much around. That's me only bitter pill.

After doing the rounds at the Arizona gift shop, we headed to Barnes & Noble. We had a look at the DVDs, of course, then tried to pick out a good gift book from the music section. "Oh fuck it, I'm almost confident she likes Clapton, this'll do her."

Next came the worst part. We went to the smoke shop we went to last time, only to find a notice of bankruptcy pasted to the door, the selfish bastards. So after narrowly escaping death in the car, we tried Trails smoke shop, where a giant, living tattoo of a lady told us to try this place in Mesa, which wasn't close, in fact it was the opposite of close, it was far. Regardless, it was worth a shot. After about an hour in traffic worse than Wales' outgoing, we arrived and got lucky.

Next was the Gameworks arcade and a Bejeweled-off. I won. We played a couple of games then ate at Johnny Rockets. Our waitress Missy was a gutsy sort, giving us our faces in ketchup squirts in a paper bowl - mine had a beard. "But Missy, I don't have a beard" "Shut up and eat your food". The food was good, the atmosphere was good, Missy was was good. Then we went home to enjoy some booze and Dawn Of The Dead in a cut-to-ribbons special edition. Cuntycunts.

"When I come home, you won't be there anymore"

In a bit.

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