Monday, 13 January 2014

Stuck On Amber


Yes, Comrades

I forgot to mention something of relative importance: on the ninth of this month, we made another stop after the reasonable Revolver Records: we stopped at a place I've forgotten the name of for a raspado. A raspado turned out to be a big cup filled with ice, a scoop of ice cream on top, then a metric ton of fruit slices on top of that, finally topped off with whipped cream. A lot of tops, you'll understand.

I bring this up now for two reasons: one, I can now read that at home and make me own and two, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this day and so we ended up not doing much. But I'll see if I can salvage something from the Sunday wreckage...

The house was mine for the time. I wrestled with my journal for a bit, as I am wont to do of a brunchtime.

Just about had an 'art attack there - was just kicking back, listening to Round Are Way by Oasis. I changed it to watch a boxer dog hitting the snooze button on his owner's alarm when I hear Ewan McGregor sing Round Are Way literally two minutes later on the TV next room in that film Life Less Ordinary. That's fucked up.

So, as you can probably tell, I'm really struggling here. I also watched a vid called 'headbutt to the nuts' yesterday which was kind of amusing. I also discovered an unusual pattern: on so many Feeder videos, people seem to say things like "This brings back all those memories of when I had a girlfriend". Huh.

Eventually, I drove to pick up Nancy at work and we went to Ranch Market, a supermarket pretty much exclusively for Mexicans. Naturally I felt slightly out of place here, but the sight of a pork scratching the size of a blanket was quite awe-inspiring, really. We got home and indulged in Mexican cuisine such as barbecue ribs, chicken, rice and smashed beans, the only genuine item. I reiterate what I said last time: they're the tits.

We went to #3 later, of course. But this time we just stayed there, watching Zoolander. Good film. We finally went a drive downtown, then home to move on to a new movie, The Prestige. It's funny, apart from Einstein, Tesla might be the only scientist I know of who girls have posters of and want to bang. Ok, I'm never having a day doing nothing again, fuck doing this a second time.

From Zoo Lights. I told you, never forget.

"Nothing left except the stench of what has gone before"

In a bit.

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