Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pop Art Poem


Yes, Comrades

It's on my bucket list to be the first awake in a house. Some day. I woke up still in dream mode, exclaimed "I lost mein dog to the gaddamn nammies. They bee dumb negros" and got on with my day.

Nancy had to cash her work cheque and I had all sorts of self-indulgence to partake in, like I'm doing right this second. I was also to find some mischief for us to commit, but I kept getting sidetracked by trying to find out what the whole "Fighting the frizzies at eleven" thing is or was all about. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was to find, buried in the past.

When we were reunited, I had picked what was clearly the most exciting thing for us to do: visit the 'hole in the rock'. We packed up, got the Google navigation on the phone, and rode into the sun. We got lost aplenty, much like you would if I was to write the name Spiro Agnew for no discernible reason right now. Turned out when we got there that that's just what it is - a hole in a rock. Ok fine, a big hole in a big rock on a mountain. We didn't make it up there though, we didn't have the time, so we strolled along a beaten path, all ready to meet our maker via a particularly grumpy scorpion or rattlesnake. Nope.

Next, we headed to the Film Bar. It's an art cinema which you can take your beer you have never heard of into the film with you. We sat through 90 mins of Michel Gondry talking to some not famous old man about trees and gravity and God only knows what whilst proper trippy cartoon imagery flashed in front of us. This is art, supposedly, because it's got quite good reviews, Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? That's the name of the movie. I mean really, for fuck's sake. If that's art, you can have it, hipsters.

Decided to treat me amigos to an album each, so CD shopping it was. Nancy got the best of The Clash; I got confused and forgot Sheba but she'll get the best of Beastie Boys; Tree got Mezzanine; Mrs Nancy got A Love Supreme and Mr Nancy got the best of Small Faces. Hey, if that poser Jesus got to spread the word, why not me?

I won't lie, we had us some bomb whilst Sheba and Tree enjoyed a seat at a Suns game. I implore you - next time you're stoned, stick Massive Attack's Mezzanine on. The song Group Four...the fact that humans could've made that trips me out in itself.

"Kid walks down the street, bumps into emptiness"

In a bit.

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