Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mountain Sound


Yes, Comrades

So, where did we leave off? Oh yes, my complete mental snapping. Ah, happy days. Well, you'll be pleased to hear I listened to my absolute favourite album by Maroon 5, one of the greats, and immediately felt better. You see Mr. Levine has his own clothing range now, with K Mart? Oh wait, of course you don't. But my point is: who in their right mind is sat at home, watching TV and thinks to themselves "I want to dress like that cunt from Maroon 5"? That 'band' is never off whatever preset 4 is on the car radio either. What garbage.

So you get the gist of what my mornings and afternoons contain by now, yes. Top drawer. Eventually work was over, so we sat down to more ribs and chicken while I taught the family how to say "For breakfast, I love to eat little froggies and little boys. It is very good" in French. We hadn't visited South Mountain this trip, so that's what we were doing.

The night was old, or at least, it looked it, but we were inexorable in our journey to the top. You couldn't see the road for shadows, every car shamelessly using full beam, 'Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadows' blasting through the speakers, this was our ambience. At the peak, standing by the colossal TV towers, you couldn't hear a single thing, looking onto an ocean of lights, like a thousand miles of fire. Did I sell it to you? I took a piss and we took off.

Panicking over the concept of having to squeeze a day's writing out of a straightforward day again, I insisted we continue our Fry's Electronics. The first decidedly cool event was finding a calendar detailing man cave rules, such as 'Talk of exes will result in barring from man cave', 'If a man leaves seat to get a refill, never take it' and 'Soggy Biscuit is not advised'. The second decidedly cool event was sheer luck - I was standing idle and peripherally spotted it: Irreversible. After about two years of searching, the holy grail of funny little French movies with masturbation over an underpass was finally mine!

We went to our alternate boudoir and at present I'm drawing a - oh wait, we played Brain Games with the telly. Some of the tricks they were pulling, the illusionists...I'm going to become an illusionist, comrades. Then I will pickpocket and hypnotise girls to take their clothes off. Keeping with that theme, we finished The Prestige at home. Loved it.

"Alone we travelled on with nothing but a shadow"

In a bit.

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