Saturday, 11 January 2014



Yes, Comrades

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage - Neutral Milk Hotel! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage - Porno For Pyros! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage - Toad The Wet Sprocket! What I said yesterday about stupid band names, what I've just done is how I think ridiculous names should be tested. None of them passed.

Within thirty minutes of waking, myself, Nancy, Sheba and Tree were in Cousin Nico's car, off to a K-mart, where a bus would pick us up to take us to Camp Verde. We're all pretty sleep-deprived, but the thought of kicking each other's arses on the Bejeweled 2 scoreboard on Nancy's Kindle keeps us up and at 'em. This gets pretty intense.

We start the visit by blowing all but a few cents of our free playing credit. Champion. We went bowling the time before, so we strutted down the alleys one more time. After putting our names onto the monitor, 'Butthead' went first. Then 'Poobreath'. Then me. Then 'Toiletbrain'. Then 'Fatarms'. Beer slithered its way onto our tables, at 11am no less. For the second round, and the third beer, we all bowled left-handed. This, predictably, was a complete fucking disaster. 

The buffet weren't much better. We were all exhausted, some of us semi-high, others semi-drunk, stuffing our faces with hush puppies, beef, popcorn shrimp, you name it. Sheba and I were barely conscious at that table, seriously. We waddled out of the restaurant area and decided to just gamble a bit more to pass the time. Nico, Tree and me went over to the penny-but-actually-40c-a-play machines.

Jackpot. Before this though, Nico had used $5 of his free credit and found himself doing reasonably on the slots until the words 'Big Win!' appeared on his screen. So, there was that. We told him to cash out at winning $100, but he was having none of it. He put his bet to max and just went for it...and tripled his winnings. Fucked up isn't it? I won my bus fare back and ten extra bucks, but wow.

There was more to this day, but it doesn't get better than that. We went home a bit worse for wear, poor Sheba got caught by Adriana and had to go to dinner with her and Raoul. Nancy, Nico and I eventually split, we smoked with Tree and took some reg home to enjoy, accompanied with cartoons. Fucking bliss, me ode.

Winning incomplete.

"Keep pressin', cause your time will come"

In a bit.

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