Wednesday, 8 January 2014



Yes, Comrades

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I read that in a book once, because I am intelligent. It was actually in a notepad file I definitely got through legal means. This has absolutely nothing to do with this day. What does, however, are The Twilight Zone, internet games, La Bamba, vomiting on anthills, that sort of gaff.

So that was my morning. Sorry diary, I'm a little upset, Yabby Bassey yelled at me today. Ok, suck it up, soldier. We can do this. I'll bash him in tomorrow's entry, which will cover today and oh God I've painted myself into a corner. Anyway, I didn't get to drive today, diary, because we went to Pete's Fish and Chips again. I got the square fish with the chips again and had a bite or two of a corn dog. You should've tasted them, diary. You would have loved them.

We were going to invite the Shebameister to watch some Mexicans get possessed by some fucking non-thing. At least, I think they're Mexican, I saw a lot of tire changing places in the trailer for the new Paranormal Activity. I'm a dead man if anyone reads this while I'm still in the country. Anyway, we ended up going to Best Buy first.

They have box sets the size of bleedin' pallets, la. It's mental. But nothing caught our eye, so we got back in the car. We ended up passing and then entering a comic shop. The first thing I noticed was the smell of despair and unwashed hair in the air - turns out that was coming from the card game club at the back, full of, er...very eligible bachelors. I got a pic with Spiderman and we left.

Funny, we ended up at this place, Zias? Dunno if you've heard of it? Seriously though, wasn't my idea. I hatched a plan so cunning you could slap tits on it and call it your bratty daughter: I would get the box sets Zia did have, and I would sort the others out by my birthday. Un cochon d'inde, mon ami, non?

We arrived at Home #3 where this fucking crazy movie called Pitch Perfect was on. That film was such bullshit - human beings aren't capable of that shit, they just aren't. But I'll give any film with a character named Fat Amy a chance. That made me very happy. Back home, after a long and thrilling battle of wits, we decided to watch In The Flesh. I enjoyed it. With those DVDS I bought today, if they search my case, I might not make it home. Just a heads up.

"Your fingers pop, like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock"

In a bit.

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