Saturday, 11 January 2014

Picky Bugger


Yes, Comrades

Let me just put you on my arse for a few: there's fuck all on, so we'll just settle for Anna Nalick - Breathe. Stevie Wonder's Superstition has only been on about eight times, we can bare it once more right? Who's Jackson Browne? Oh hey, Immigrant Song! Aw naw wait, we just missed it.

Long story short, radio here is awful. I go through that every day, this day was the same, except throw Phil fucking Collins into the fuckbucket and a drive through an old Mexican village with the senior Nancys. Proper eerie, they used to bury their compadres by hand. Something quite rock and roll about that...or maybe not. Oh hey look, case in point! I'm in a car right now and Bore Patrol has just come on! Help!

We stopped at a Wal Mart for me to get lost and run around in a Catwoman mask in, then we ended up going on a leisurely drive through some orange groves, where it was pointed out the half moon looks like a fingernail. It kind of does.

Back at home with all the gang, little happened. A discussion on soul music was a highlight though, along with a pepperoni pizza as large as a really large thing and as flat as Miley Cyrus' arse. God. We decided to just swallow our pride and got into the Pratmobile, en route to the drive-in.

The popcorn they give you, Jesus, you should just hire a tub and eat from it each time you visit. Monstrous. And a diet coke. Don't you love people like that, people who ask for a pizza the size of a coffee table "And a diet coke"? The movie itself...well, it was nice to see them finally packing a bit of firepower, it tied up the movie series well and you finally get to see the big cheese, the grand daddy, the boss - the demon. He still don't have a name better than Toby, but he shows his pretty face at last. I wouldn't watch the movie again, but I'm glad I did.

We then leave, as you do when a film ends at the theater, you're kind of...drawn to the exit. At Raoul's house, we have to be super secret secret squirrel quiet as Adriana catches some of them zeds. I'm chastised for only taking one Snickers, only one. Think they think I'm one picky feller, but that's hardly fair, huh? Nearly made it to the end of The Machinist at home. Finished Requiem For A Dream. I loved it, but fuck, that movie is horrible.

The car is ours. Popular movie.

"Do your thing until you die - keep your powder dry"

In a bit.

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